Tales of Love

A First Wedding Post MCO

Name of couple : Dora and Ding

Venue : The Acres Resort

Vendors : XO23 Wedding Events, Louis Gan Photography, 3Ants 

Photography, 7th Heaven Bridal Gallery, Gelly Wee

Signature & Makeup Studio, Colleen, MC Carine,

La Casa, DB Event and Kiora Liveband

For the team of The Acres Resort, this was indeed a memorable wedding … ‘Picking a wedding date was not easy due to the covid condition. The original wedding date was in September, but it was rescheduled to Christmas Eve no less! We had a few cancellations but are glad that this couple sailed through the storm, despite the frustrations they faced in preparing for their nuptials. It was our first wedding after the MCO. Whilst it took us a while to catch back the momentum as we were closed for a few months during MCO, luckily everything went on well as the planner had worked on a few weddings with us prior, so we understood each other well. It was a blessing that the weather was sunny and wonderful although it was the rainy season in December! The outdoor wedding was certainly a romantic one. More importantly, the groom gave a very meaningful speech that not only touched the heart of his bride, but also inspired our staff and their guests not to give up easily’. 

Setting for the garden wedding
Alfresco exchange of vows
Lovely installation by the pool
Thematic setup
Drinks are served
One of many locations for photography
Portrait of the newlyweds
Champagne pouring
Setting for the wedding reception

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