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A Keepsake Of The Big Day

An experienced professional who specialises in wedding videos is one who can create an audio visual keepsake of this milestone in your lives.

A creative professional may come up with ideas such as :

  • A teaser to be used as a save-the-date announcement.
  • A concise narrative to be broadcast during the wedding banquet.
  • A MTV concept for music lovers.
Fun gatecrashing games
Photo courtesy of Ace Of Films
Fetching the bride
Photo courtesy of Aplind Yew Production

An expert will :

  • Be unobtrusive and blend in with the crowd during the wedding day.
  • Capture all the moments that you may have missed, particularly interaction among guests.
Showers of confetti
Photo courtesy of Armadale Weddings
We’re married
Photo courtesy of Crossmind
The bridal party
Photo courtesy of Emvee Productions
Dancing into the banquet
Photo courtesy of Jef de Studio
Just married
Photo courtesy of Light Feather Studios
The bride and her entourage
Photo courtesy of Momento Wedding

Consider the following :

  • Your budget and the rates being quoted.
  • Is there a promotion or special deal being offered?
  • What the detailed deliverables are.
  • The size of the team that will be present on your wedding day.
  • Have they collaborated with your appointed wedding photographer before.
The groom and his entourage
Photo by Pixel Tree, courtesy of Motion In Style
A traditional ceremony
Photo courtesy of
A kiss
Photo courtesy of Subtle Films

Tip : Check if there is an extra charge for a same-day edit. Consider these professionals here.

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