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On one of the most important days of her life, a bride would always want to look her best. And for many, that means, looking like she always has, just enhanced, as opposed to looking totally different. To achieve this ‘natural look’, working with a makeup artist with the necessary skills and a similar notion as yours, is essential.

Some words of advice :

  • Start your search early as the best makeup artists are often booked way in advance.
  • Put forth your ideas and in turn listen to the makeup artist’s suggestions as well.
  • Always schedule a trial makeup session prior to your wedding day.
Made up for a pre-wedding shoot
Photo by LaFame Bridal Mansion, courtesy of Makeover Loft
Simple and natural
Photo by Armadale Weddings, courtesy of Jingy Jazce Makeup Artist
Ready for the banquet
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of Beauty Haven

A few more tips :

  • A consistent skin care regimen will ensure that the makeup artist has the best canvas possible to work on.
  • If your mother, siblings and bridesmaids also require makeup services, it is best to hire additional artists, perhaps colleagues of yours. Your appointed artist should only focus on you, the bride.
A radiant look
Photo by The Cross Effects, courtesy of Beauty Haven
Makeup to complement traditional attire
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of Jingy Jazce Makeup Artist
Set for the vows
Photo courtesy of Makeover Loft

Tip : Place your trust in your chosen makeup artist. Have a look here.

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