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A SOP Compliant Banquet

A wedding banquet that has been planned and organised according to stipulated SOPs in the new norm is very much one that will be enjoyable for all present, from the newlyweds to their families, relatives and friends. A sense of safety is prevalent, being fully aware that the necessary precautions have been taken to ensure the security of all is safeguarded.

Ballroom set to meet SOPs
Photo courtesy of Première Hotel

Hosting one’s nuptials at a hotel that is well-versed in such a crucial aspect in these times that we are living in is certainly a very wise choice. Indeed, the hotel’s events team is also able to advise and coordinate with your appointed external vendors to ensure that all necessary protocols are met.

Main table
Photo courtesy of Première Hotel

Other than the layout of the ballroom, table and seating arrangements, do look into the following as well :

  • How food and drink will be served to guests.
  • The type of entertainment that will enhance the ambience of the evening yet avoid having guests gather and crowd together.
In line with SOPs, each table seats 6
Photo courtesy of Première Hotel

Tip : If your wedding celebration is intended to be hosted in Klang, be in touch with the events team at Première Hotel for more information on their packages and thereafter visit in person when the time is right. More details here.

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