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An Evolving Screenplay

Although an experienced wedding cinematographer would often have an inkling of how a wedding day will unfold, the resultant process of documenting the wedding often revolves around an evolving screenplay rather than a set storyboard.

Makeup in progress
Photo courtesy of Subtle Films
A wefie with the groomsmen
Photo courtesy of Crossmind
Games during the fetching the bride ceremony
Photo courtesy of Ace Of Films
A kiss indeed
Photo courtesy of Light Feather Studios

There are many factors that come into play when creating an audio-visual narrative for the couple, some of which can be controlled better than others. This is why appointing a professional with expertise and experience in covering weddings is so crucial. There is no second take when capturing the wedding ceremony and banquet thereafter, and a seasoned videographer will be able to go with the ebb and flow as the day progresses, crafting a keepsake which the couple can re-live as the years go by.

Bride and her father
Photo by Pixel Tree, courtesy of Motion In Style
A chuckle during the vows
Photo courtesy of Emvee Productions
Exchange of rings
Photo courtesy of

Discuss the following :

  • Hours of coverage.
  • Size of team covering your event.
  • Deliverables.
  • Timeline for delivery.
  • Schedule for your wedding day.
A twirl right after the vows
Photo courtesy of Armadale Weddings
Popping the champagne
Photo courtesy of Aplind Yew Production
Such a great reaction
Photo courtesy of Jef de Studio

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