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Bands, Singers And MCs

The master of ceremonies, band and singer all contribute to the ambience of the wedding banquet. Whether a big celebration or an intimate party, allocating a portion of your wedding budget to hire these professionals is certainly a good decision.

Officiating the vows
Photo courtesy of Jit Woo

To be sure you appoint those that fit your stylistic preference, consider the following :

  • Having made inquiries with friends, meet with the recommended professionals personally.
  • For entertainers, make it a point to view their prior performances. Study their playlists too.
  • For master of ceremonies, ensure that you have chemistry with one another. Check if he or she is bi-lingual, if that is a requirement.
  • If you would like to hire a singer, discuss song selections. Look into suitability of lyrics as well.
  • When negotiating, confirm job scope of the master of ceremonies and number of sets the band will be performing.
  • It would be a nice gesture to offer them food prior to the start of the function.
Encouraging the groom
Photo courtesy of Emcee Sugar
Getting the guests’ attention
Photo courtesy of Kevin Chong
Set for the banquet
Photo courtesy of Mandenco Studio
Amidst the crowd
Photo courtesy of William Lee
Entertainment for the wedding reception
Photo courtesy of Janet Lee
Entertaining the crowd
Photo courtesy of Groove Society
Ideal for an Oriental themed wedding
Photo courtesy of Regal Orchestra
Duo on stage
Photo courtesy of Amanda Sax & KG
Belting out a number
Photo courtesy of JW Live Productions
A trio
Photo courtesy of Mandenco Studio
Let’s toast
Photo courtesy of Jit Woo

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