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Choosing appropriate gifts for your bridesmaids, appreciation presents for the bridal shower and favours for guests at the wedding banquet is a meaningful part of the wedding planning process. These gifts reflect your sense of appreciation, your taste and showcase the attention to detail you have put into your nuptials.

Natural herbal soaps as favours
Photo courtesy of Tanamera
Personalised candles for bridesmaids
Photo courtesy of Dorothy Scents
Body wash as gifts for bridesmaids
Photo courtesy of Tanamera

Contemplate the following at the onset :

  • The number of gifts and favours required. Be certain to order some extras in case your guest list grows at the last minute.
  • The budget you have set aside for this purpose and the range of products that fit into your price point.
  • How will they be packaged?
  • Will they be packaged by the vendor or do you intend to embellish or wrap them yourselves?
  • If you are leaning towards edible favours, be sure to take into account the weather conditions where your wedding is taking place, and if the favours will stand up to the heat and humidity.
Red roses trinket tray
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft
Bath scrubs and candles as bridal shower gifts or reception favours
Photo courtesy of Zephyrie
Salt and pepper shakers
Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding

Discuss the following with the wedding vendor :

  • Production and delivery timelines.
  • Payment terms.
Jade floral earrings as bridesmaids gifts
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft
Favour production underway
Photo courtesy of Zephyrie

A few suggestions :

  • Support local artisans and brands if possible.
  • Personalisation of gifts and favours will certainly be appreciated by their recipients.
Specially created for a wedding
Photo courtesy of Dorothy Scents
A bottle of massage oil each for your bridesmaids
Photo courtesy of Tanamera


Tip : Wedding favour specialists always have a myriad of ideas to share. Connect with some of them now for a preliminary discussion and brainstorm. Check them out here.

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