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Culmination Of The Big Day

A wedding is a milestone in life that every couple will cherish for a lifetime. Indeed, their families and friends too will remember this very special of days as one where they were part of the celebrations. The culmination of the day’s activities and various ceremonies related to nuptials is undoubtedly the wedding banquet. Whether an intimate dinner party or a lavish do, it is a time for family and friends to celebrate with the newlyweds over a meal, a tradition the world over but certainly much more significant in our country considering how Malaysians partake in the eating ritual.

Moet & Chandon, a drink of choice for celebrations
Photo courtesy of The Good Stuff

For couples who have somewhat of a sophisticated taste, champagne and wine would be the ideal beverages to serve at their wedding reception. The former for example would also be very much suited to pre and post wedding events such as a bridal shower or after party. With a smaller guest list for these parties, champagne would be the perfect drink to share with those closest to you. The new norm would also likely be a catalyst for more intimate wedding dinners, and champagne would certainly be a candidate too for celebrations of such a nature.

Champagne is perfect for a bridal shower or bachelor night party
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In terms of wine, be it red or white, what is to be served will very much depend on the menu that has been chosen by the couple. We would suggest sitting down with the chef and/or sommelier of the venue where you have chosen to host your nuptial to look into the menu and how to best pair the wines to the dishes being served. This would then enhance the experience for both yourselves as well as all those who are invited to be part of your celebration.

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Some factors to contemplate when pairing wine :

  • The type of cuisine to be served.
  • The components of the chosen menu.
  • The couple’s preferences.
  • The budget that has been allocated for drinks.
  • To purchase directly from a retailer or from the venue. If the former, negotiate with the venue vis-à-vis corkage fees or whether it can be waived.
  • When to serve e.g. from pre-dinner drinks onwards or only when the meal is served.
  • Serving portions i.e. to discuss with the service team of the venue.
  • Determine a point-person whom the venue’s service team can refer to for decisions such as opening a new carton or if inventory should run low.
Serve Moet & Chandon at your wedding
Photo courtesy of The Good Stuff

Tip : Check out the various alcoholic beverage options available here.

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