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The adage ‘it’s the little things that count’ rings true when it comes to choosing wedding favours for your guests. Previously an afterthought, many couples nowadays are putting a portion of their wedding budget aside specifically for favours that will not only be a memorable keepsake for their guests but also reflect the sophistication the couple’s tastes. The practice of offering guests a little piece of cake packaged in a paper box no longer makes the grade, in particular for weddings in urban areas.

Bride and groom favour boxes
Photo courtesy of Dees Boutique
Pyramid favour box
Photo courtesy of Dees Boutique


We share with you some ideas which you may want to consider for your own big day. And typically, these would be some of the considerations during the wedding planning process :

  • How much lead time do you have? There are certainly wedding stockists who would be able to assist if you need the favours quickly.
  • The budget you have allocated per guest would determine whether you would purchase ready stock or can have the option of customisation. The latter would entail more investment, both monetary and time.
  • Do the favours need to reflect your wedding theme? Or could they be from a place that holds special meaning for you as a couple, perhaps the destination of your first holiday together or maybe where the proposal was made?
  • Would supporting local artisans be a criteria to take into account?
  • Are sustainably produced favours something you place emphasis on?
Cute candle favours
Photo courtesy ofDorothy Scents
Scented wax sachets
Photo courtesy of Zephyrie





A few more suggestions :

  • Have your appointed wedding planner, floral designer or decorator offer some ideas and suggestions.
  • Some venues already include favours in their wedding packages. Would you prefer to order your own instead?
Body wash as gifts for your bridal entourage
Photo courtesy of Tanamera
Custom trinket dish
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft



Clean heels accessories could be bridesmaids’ gifts
Photo courtesy of Dees Boutique


Tip : If you are purchasing a significantly large volume of favours, do negotiate for a better deal. Contact these vendors for more ideas here.

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