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Engagement Shoot In Balik Pulau, Penang

Name of couple : Isha and Shawn

Venue : Nada Natural Farming and Malindo Beach in Balik

Pulau, Penang

Vendors : Momento Wedding and Cindy Tan 

Vernon of Momento Wedding has been busy with engagement and pre-wedding shoots since the MCO was lifted towards the end of last year. He shares his thoughts on this particular shoot which had special meaning to him as a photographer and entrepreneur … ‘Isha and Shawn’s engagement shoot was one of the first few shoots that we managed to cover right after another round of lockdown in January 2021. Things didn’t pick up quickly for us unlike the first round of lockdown because people were still very cautious and were not willing to take the risk. We are grateful that Isha and Shawn were one of the few couples who were willing to go ahead with a small and intimate portrait session in the outskirts of Penang island. Shawn is a very quiet and shy person; a man of few words. Isha, on the other hand is more outgoing and bubbly. But when it came to capturing them in their moments, Shawn immediately lightened up and seemed to be very at ease around Isha in front of the lens. It is undeniable how much they adore and love each other when they can be themselves in each other’s presence’. 

A lush setting
An intimate moment
Hand in hand
Location by the sea
Notice the ring
Beautiful weather
Focus on Isha
Attention on Shawn
A lovely reaction
Romantic ambience
A dance perhaps

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