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When the time is right again for weddings to take place, it is very likely that the industry will see an uptick in demand for garden weddings. An outdoor exchange of vows ceremony is certainly a very viable option, particularly when it comes to meeting the SOP requirements set by the government in relation to the unprecedented times we are living in. And a wedding venue that is able to offer such an opportunity to soon-to-be-wed couples ought to see an increase in interest.

Garden wedding
Photo courtesy of Setia City Convention Centre
Alfresco reception
Photo by Ko Creative Art Filmmaker Production, courtesy of Setia City Convention Centre

Having said that, there will also likely be couples who still prefer to host their wedding celebrations indoors, in the comforts of an air-conditioned ballroom. Or perhaps a combination of both. A venue therefore will need to evolve with the times, ensuring that they remain flexible with their wedding packages. Indeed, there may be a necessity to customise such packages for couples based on their preferences and in relation to what’s possible vis-à-vis the current protocols that need to be met.

Main table and pelamin
Photo by Arjuna Cipta, courtesy of Setia City Convention Centre

For couples, some suggestions :

  • Have a certain level of control over the size of your guest list.
  • Be sure to secure the venue you have your eye on soon as demand may outstrip supply during good dates once weddings can take place again.
Banquet in the ballroom
Photo courtesy of Setia City Convention Centre

Tip : Take a drive to Setia City Convention Centre when the time is right to meet with their wedding team and to recce venues. More details here.

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