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Flowers In Its Various Incarnations

How often does one hear of a wedding without flowers? Extremely seldom. Indeed, flowers are an integral part of a wedding. The question is whether they are used in abundance or kept to a minimum, depending on the preferences of the bride and groom.

Bridal bouquet for a shoot
Photo by MarryMe Bridal Gallery, courtesy of The Aisle Market
Floral décor for the banquet
Photo courtesy of Ohara Florist
Oriental theme centrepiece
Photo by Mphotoo, courtesy of Nook Flowers

If used creatively, an innovative floral designer can certainly make a statement on your behalf. Whether you wish to convey a sense of romance or perhaps evoke a sense of sophistication, share your ideas with your floral designer and decorator.

Elegant registration table
Photo courtesy of LYS Wedding & Event Styling
bouquet to a theme
Photo byNWorks Photography, courtesy of Hua Bar Floral Design
Exotic colours
Photo byNWorks Photography, courtesy of Faye’s Florist & Gifts

The many roles that flowers play at nuptials :

  • Bridal bouquet.
  • Groom’s corsage.
  • Bridesmaids’ posies.
  • Groomen’s corsages.
  • Wedding car décor.
  • Romantic décor at the wedding ceremony.
  • Part of a backdrop, either on stage or a photobooth.
  • An installation at the entrance to the ballroom.
  • Pedestals that line the wedding aisle.
  • A component of the wedding cake design.
Main table
Photo courtesy ofHooray Decoration & Design
Striking centrepiece
Photo by Circurl, courtesy of Hera & C Moments

At present, in view of the scarcity of international flights, why not support homegrown flowers by local farmers. Of good quality and in a range of blooms, doing so will not only help sustain such farmers but also contribute to the local economy. And in this economic climate, every bit helps.

Oriental touch for the home
Photo courtesy of Blossoms Florista
Floral pedestals
Photo by Adam Ong Photography, courtesy of Art Of Love

Tip : Should your preferred flowers be not available at the last minute, leave it to your floral designer to decide on the alternatives. Have a look at some of these florists and decorators here.

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