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The groom is the co-star of the wedding day and he too needs to look good, complementing his bride. For the most part, a groom has the choice of either purchasing an off-the-rack suit or having one custom-made.

Attire for the groomsmen
Photo courtesy of Bespoked

We are advocates of the latter. This is largely because a custom suit :

  • Fits better.
  • Is made specifically for you.
  • Allows you choice of fabric.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to balance classic versus contemporary.
Options for a garden or beach wedding perhaps
Photo courtesy of Wardrobe
Elegant and sophisticated looks for the groom
Photo courtesy of Wardrobe

The cost of a custom suit can range from affordable to high end, and will depend on :

  • Type of fabric.
  • Cut.
  • Lead time provided.
Striking outfit for the wedding banquet
Photo by The Cross Effects, courtesy of Vestio Bespoke

One thing is for sure, having a suit well tailored is bound to make one a stylish groom.

Photo courtesy of Bespoked
3-piece outfit
Photo by The Cross Effects, courtesy of Vestio Bespoke

Tip : Consider having attire custom-tailored for your groomsmen and family members as well. Check out these custom-tailors.

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