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Lovingly made. That’s what we all hope for right when receiving a gift, or purchasing something that catches our eye. And when it comes to a wedding, the little details are what makes one that more special than the other.

Wedding bells, an apt scent for nuptials
Photo courtesy of Dorothy Scents
Scented wax sachet is a purposeful wedding favour
Photo courtesy of Zephyrie

A few suggestions :

  • Meet with wedding vendors and learn about their business philosophy.
  • Most wedding professionals are entrepreneurs. How involved are they in the creative process?
  • Do you get to share input during the designing process?
  • Is there a minimum spend for customisation? Are they flexible in terms of this criteria?
Natural herbal soap as wedding favours
Photo courtesy of Tanamera
Love magnets
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft
Pearl bridal hairpins
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft
Floral bridal hairvine
Photo courtesy of Evangeline Craft

Tip : Connect with some of our creative vendors here.

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