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Matching Engagement Rings And Wedding Bands

A Beautiful Duet by The Love Diamond
Photo courtesy of SUEN Jewellers

Your wedding band is just as important as that dazzling engagement ring on your finger. It symbolises a promise of love and commitment for a lifetime and like your engagement ring, you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. One of the frequent requests from our brides is for wedding bands that perfectly match their engagement rings. If you desire matching rings like them, here are three pairings to help inspire your own.

An eternity band and solitaire engagement ring
Photo courtesy of SUEN Jewellers

An eternity band is an elegant pairing choice for a solitaire engagement ring of any cut, whether it is a round brilliant, princess or emerald cut. Set with diamonds around the band, it is named eternity because it has no beginning or end – the perfect symbol for an everlasting union, don’t you think?

Diamond pavé band engagement ring and V-shaped nesting diamond wedding band
Photo courtesy of SUEN Jewellers

For an added sparkle, pair your diamond pavé band engagement ring with a V-shaped nesting diamond wedding band. Together, they will look like one complete ring as both perfectly fit each other without any gaps in between. Even when worn alone, the everlasting sparkle of this wedding band will still command the attention of others.

Halo design engagement right with slightly curved diamond wedding band
Photo courtesy of SUEN Jewellers

Halo designs are guaranteed conversation starters when it comes to engagement rings. Pairing it with a slightly curved diamond wedding band will add more sparkle and width. The band ‘sits’ right under the centre diamond of the engagement ring, connecting both rings perfectly for eternity. For maximum sparkle, you can wear a curved wedding band on each side of the engagement ring for a show-stopping trio.

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