Tales of Love

Meeting A Couple’s Wedding Needs

Name of couple : Yee Pei and Yu Sheng

Venue : Majestic Penang

Vendors : Ohara Florist and Sunnysan Photography

Bryan of Ohara Florist shares his thoughts on this celebration … ‘Not every wedding needs to be an elaborate one.  This young couple knew exactly what they wanted and how much they were prepared to spend and that made the entire process a very smooth one.  It took only 30 minutes and the entire thematic concept came to fruition. Sometimes to a designer, it’s not only the challenge that we look forward to when it comes to creative wedding décor but also the satisfaction of being able to assist the couple to achieve the ambiance within their affordable budget. Indeed, mutual understanding leads to a successful wedding.’

The venue
Guests registration
Welcome signage
Floral accents
Set for the celebration
A beautiful venue
Cute centrepiece
Artistic creation
Backdrop for photos
Ice cream cart
The newlyweds
Cake cutting
Popping the champagne
Group photo

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