Tales of Love

Nuptials At Rama V

Name of couple : Joyce and Edwards

Venue : Rama V, Kuala Lumpur 

Vendors : Louis Gan Photography, Dreampeeks, Armadale Weddings, Vincent Tailor, Aivy Yong Bridal Makeup Studio, Witchwood The Florist, Eleventh Gown Studio, Little Once Décor, sayaBake, Lux Hand Sanitizers, A Wild Bloom Printables and The Crinkle Cut Music

The events team of Rama V share their sentiments … ‘After the many rounds of closures due to MCOs, it is truly happiness for us to finally be able to open up for dine-in and especially events. Wedding celebrations have never been more appreciated, guest lists have never been more valuable and the importance of the guests’ wellbeing and safety never more emphasised compared to before. Previously, weddings were mostly dinner occasions, but ever since the re-opening from MCO 3.0, there is increasing demand for wedding luncheons here in Rama V as couples can also conduct their ROMs here. One of the weddings that we have fond memories of would be the union of Joyce and Edwards. Our team had fun hosting and serving the wedding, as they had such a playful, tropical theme with modern touches. The couple was down to a ‘T’ when it came to attention to detail and personalisation. Though our event space is humble and modest, Rama V is glad to be structured and built this way now during the pandemic as couples are more into the concept of intimate wedding celebrations with guests who matter the most to them’.

The lush outdoor setting
The weather had other ideas
Walking down the aisle indoors
The groom and groomsmen
First kiss
Outdoor portraits
Tea ceremony
The wedding reception
Table setting
The wedding cake and champagne for toastings
Speech by the newlyweds
Group photo

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