Tales of Love

The Gift Of Marriage

Name of couple: Amira and Azmel

Venue: Ampang Glasshouse

Vendors: Art Of Love and Synerama Studio

In the unprecedented times that we are living in, the events team at Ampang Glasshouse has this to share about weddings … ‘If you tell a bride-to-be that she has to indefinitely postpone her wedding (because of a pandemic, no less), you might as well tell her that the world has come to a sudden end. All the months of hard work put into planning the biggest of big days in her life so far – the engagement party, the dress, the flowers, the décor, the food – everything will now be for what, she might ask. But should she? Because as newlywed Amira proved, and reminds all husbands and wives-to-be, it’s not about the wedding. A wedding, no matter how beautiful and how thoroughly thought out, is but a symbol of the true gift that lies beneath the fuss and frills of the one-day event – the gift of marriage, something that lasts well beyond the last guest has gone home and the last slice of wedding cake has been gobbled up. Now as the pandemic continues to push everyone to re-discover what matters most in their lives, this couple tells their story of remembering to put their marriage, and their love, first’.

The bride getting ready
The groom too

Portrait of the couple

A lovely photo of the newlyweds

Big smiles indeed
The couple arrives at the wedding reception
An intimate celebration
A lovely setting for nuptials

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