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The Sound Of Music

The secret to a wonderful wedding reception is music. From the exhilarating tones of a wedding march to the romantic tune of a first dance, music adds that extra special sparkle for a wedding celebration. It not only lifts the mood but it can enhance the setting of your entire event.

There are numerous versatile ensembles for hire. Some may prefer to keep it simple, with just a pianist and a vocalist or some may want something more elaborate like a trio or even a quartet. Whatever your choice, the theme and style of the wedding should inspire the type of music for the night.

Entertaining guests in the new norm
Photo courtesy of Janet Lee
Oriental tunes
Photo courtesy of Regal Orchestra

Here are some ideas :

  • Chinese style – for a cultural and artistic twist, engage a Chinese ensemble. These ensembles combine both Western and Chinese tunes that create a unique music repertoire. Or perhaps a vocalist that is well-known for Shanghai Jazz for example.
  • Classical – look no further and entertain your guests with a string quartet or even a solo harpist. These ensembles will add a touch of sophistication to your banquet.
  • Big bands, Sinatra style – if you are looking for a lounge ambience for the night, hire the big bands. Big bands add character and texture to the event. It creates wonderful energy to get guests off their chairs and swinging on the dance floor.
  • Contemporary – if contemporary is your style, get the party started with a DJ. There are plenty of DJs with first class equipment that could spin the playlist of your choice.
  • Others – an alternative to a traditional wedding band could perhaps be a feisty Latin band that allows guest to loosen their ties and kick off their heels for a good salsa, rhumba and cha cha.
A casual outdoor celebration may be popular in the new norm
Photo courtesy of Mandenco Studio
Set to entertain your guests
Photo by courtesy of Amanda Sax & KG
Having an enjoyable time
Photo courtesy of Groove Society

At the end of the day, whoever it may be you engage for entertainment, you should have your guests walking out of your wedding reception saying, ‘Man, that was fun!’

Tip : Don’t forget to slip in a special father-daughter, mother-son dance routine for the night. Have a look at our vendor partners here.

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