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Versatility Of Wedding Photographers

Top on the list for most couples when planning for their wedding would be to secure the services of a well-regarded photographer. Indeed, this all important person or persons for that matter will be entrusted with the task of documenting one of the most important days of a couple’s life. A milestone at the onset of matrimony, the services of professionals are a must-have and the process of selecting the right team should not be taken lightly. A majority of those who have taken the misstep of relying on friends and family for wedding photography would testify that it is not wise to do so in most instances and that money should be spent on hiring professional wedding photographers who not only have an artistic eye but who will view the entire day’s proceedings in an objective manner.

Happy tears
Photo courtesy of Kane.CY Photography
A hug
Photo courtesy of The Cross Effects
Serving tea
Photo courtesy of Sunnysan Photography
Peek-a-boo by the groomsmen and bridesmaids
Photo courtesy of Stories.my
Presenting a bouquet
Photo courtesy of Steven Leong Photography

There is really no easy way out and it will be necessary to spend the time meeting a number of photographers before making any hiring decisions. Talk to them, study their packages and view their portfolio of work. Most importantly, see if they exhibit a versatile trait. Every wedding is different, each offering a distinctive take on the day’s events. As such, photographers who are versatile will always be able to adapt to the changing circumstances and capture images spontaneously as the day unfolds.

Bride’s entourage
Photo courtesy of Pixel Tree
Reciting prayers
Photo courtesy of Ooi Eric Studio
Shower of confetti
Photo courtesy of NWorks Photography
Akad nikah
Photo courtesy of Momento Wedding
Photo courtesy of MedyandMika Productions
Bring on the fetching-the-bride games
Photo courtesy of Light Feather Studios
Alfresco tea ceremony
Photo courtesy of LaFame Bridal Mansion
Such a good reaction
Photo courtesy of Jef de Studio
Capturing the first dance a vantage point
Photo courtesy of Grant Corban Weddings

This versatility can be seen when studying the photographer’s portfolio. Peruse the albums and look out for different points-of-view, innovative angles as well as interesting subjects. Once satisfied with their style and presentation, the only thing left to do will be to whip out the cheque book and pay a deposit to secure their services.

Photo courtesy of Emvee Productions
Joy in their faces
Photo courtesy of Dicson C Photography
A moment to remember
Photo courtesy of Cliff Choong Photography
Reacting to the crowd
Photo courtesy of Aplind Yew Production
Tea ceremony
Photo courtesy of Armadale Weddings
Popping the champagne
Photo courtesy of All About Love Studio
Arrival of the newlyweds
Photo courtesy of Akmalphotoworks
Photo courtesy of Ace Of Films
An intimate moment beautifully captured
Photo courtesy of Kane.CY Photography

Tip : Allow photographers a free hand once you have given them a thorough briefing. Check them out here.

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