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Wedding Bouquets: The Perfect Complement To Your Gown

You’ve said “YES!” to the wedding dress of your dreams—now it’s time to decide how you’ll style the item that complements your dress best – your bouquet! 

When choosing your bridal bouquet one of the things your florist will discuss with you is the bouquet’s shape. The shape of your bridal bouquet will complement your dress, will support the overall style of your wedding, and will allow for a truly distinct aesthetic, which is driven by your unique personality. The shape of your bridal bouquet is definitely not something to be overlooked!  Here are the five most popular bridal bouquet shapes and how they complement gowns :

  • Round Bouquet. The round bouquet has a very clean and classic look and is very traditionally bridal. This is perfect for a bride who wants a beautiful bouquet but doesn’t want the flowers to detract from the other design elements of the wedding. This style works well with more formal events or weddings held in more traditional settings, such as houses of worship. 
  • Hand-tied Bouquet. The hand-tied bouquet is an informal, carefree and spontaneous bouquet shape that is perfect for more casual weddings. The flowers in this style of bouquet have movement and height variation, lending it a natural, organic look while still looking tasteful. 
  • Crescent Bouquet. Both sides of this bouquet extend outward to give it a longer, more horizontal shape. The crescent bouquet lends itself well to the dreamy garden-style bouquets that have gained popularity in recent years. This shape is perfect for the bride who loves flowers and who wants a large bouquet that makes a lavish, romantic statement.
  • Elongated Bouquet. The elongated bouquet is perfect for the bride looking for simplicity and elegance. The elongated bouquet has distinct height and length, which can be achieved by using long, skinny blooms and greenery. This bouquet shape is perfect for the boho bride that gravitates to a wildflower bouquet. 
  • Cascading Bouquet. This style of bouquet is often the most voluptuous and rich of all the bouquet shapes. It is perfect for the bride that wants her bouquet to almost be the highlight of her overall look. After all, the bouquet is her biggest accessory and she wants to showcase it as such.
Matching bouquet and corsage
Photo courtesy of LavieFlo
Set for the wedding
Photo courtesy of Hua Bar Floral Design

To determine the actual cost of bouquets, you have to understand the factors that affect the price of bouquets :

  • Type of flowers. If you use less expensive blooms, the price of your bouquet will be lower as well. 
  • Size of your wedding party. The larger your wedding party is, the more bouquets and boutonnières you will need to account for. 
  • Floral designer or florist. Florists with more clout and experience tend to charge higher rates. 
Flowers for the bridal party
Photo by Trees On The Moon, courtesy of Afterbloom and The Aisle Market
Bouquet inspired by the tropics
Photo by Wondros Vision, courtesy of Nook Flowers
Making a statement
Photo courtesy of Ohara Florist

When using flowers for your bouquet, there are two main options, buying flowers that are grown locally or purchasing flowers that are imported from other countries.

Local flowers are a clean, beautiful, interesting and long-lasting alternative to traditionally imported sources. There are a number of benefits to buying flowers from a local grower including the following:

  • Locally grown flowers are seasonal and sustainable. It is also great to support local growers. 
  • Local flowers often last longer than imported ones. 
  • Locally grown fresh flowers may also have brighter colours, stronger scents and are in better form. 
Emphasis on orchids
Photo by NWorks Photography, courtesy of Faye’s Florist & Gifts
Contrasting hues
Photo courtesy of LYS Wedding & Event Styling
Shades of ivory
Photo courtesy of Hooray Decoration & Design

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