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Wedding Décor and Style: The Ultimate Guide To Having An Elegant Wedding Day

Once you have decided on the date and location of your big day, it’s time to get started with your wedding theme where décor and style have a huge part to play. Whether it’s a church hall or hotel ballroom, we’ve put together a guide to give you some ideas of what you can incorporate. Start working hand-in-hand with your vendors to help create moments that guests will appreciate! 

To help guests navigate a wedding venue, the signage needs to be visible. An easy way to do this is with an easel at the front of the venue. Easels let guests know they’re at the right place and offer them a sense of welcome.

Welcome signage
Photo by Patrick Kok Moments, courtesy of Dream Couture
Attention to detail
Photo by Adam Ong Photography, courtesy of Art Of Love by The Nitty Gritty

A quick way to set the tone of a wedding reception is through what is hung. Banners and buntings transform a sparse venue into a beautifully themed wedding space and bring the couple’s colour scheme and overall design theme to life. 

Flowers are one of those items that can have a big impact on the ceremony and reception. Flowers create the mood, illuminate the couple’s style, and bring a room to life. They’re a form of expression and they’re also used as an element of design.

When it comes to wedding table decorations, the centrepiece is key. It should complement the table setting as well as the colours used. The centrepiece can consist of any number of things, from candles to flowers to fruit. A good centrepiece will add some life to the room with its vibrant colours and beautiful design.

A unique centrepiece
Photo by TRBAN Photography, courtesy of Hera & C Moments
Simple elegance
Photo by Sanren Studio, courtesy of LYS Wedding & Event Styling

One aspect of wedding reception decoration that sometimes gets overlooked are the chairs. Many people don’t realise that ribbons in the colour of a couple’s wedding theme can make a huge difference. Ribbons can be used to tie bows or knots in the chairs, or they can be attached with brooches for a sense of nostalgia.

A lovely chairback
Photo by MunKeat Studio, courtesy of Sincerite Wedding & Events
Exchange of vows
Photo courtesy of Hooray Decoration & Design

Couples are increasingly choosing to celebrate small, intimate weddings. These individuals place an emphasis on personalisation, so it’s important to choose the right kind of décor and style for your venue. Looking into every single detail that contributes to making your event special should be emphasised during the planning process.

An Oriental touch
Photo by Ethanity Photography, courtesy of Love & Love Weddings And Events
A good idea
Photo MunKeat Studio by courtesy of Sugar & Spice Events

Tip: Work hand-in-hand with our vendors to create moments that you will appreciate.

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